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Kuzeybatı Real Estate Services, was founded in 1994 and specializes in commercial real estate services. Kuzeybati offers local service either through in-house team or through affiliated Turkish service providers and international affiliates

Kuzeybatı has four main departments, which are: Brokerage, Investment, Consultancy and Property Management. The company is one of the few service providers in Turkey, which offers a complete spectrum of real estate services to clients, from site selection to property management.

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Kuzeybatı Consultancy Department provides consultancy services not only for the basic investments such as shopping centers, offices, industrial plants, logistics plants, hotels but also specific investments such as techno parks, marinas, and golf courses. Reports prepared are of the highest quality to be found within the international market.

The knowledge and expertise of KB Consultancy department provide the creation of solutions specific to the need of corporations and the discovery of the specific requisitions of our customers. Especially our developer clients make use of our consultancy services during decision making.

Besides being indispensable for decision making processes, our analysis, forecasts and reports add value to investment strategies.

Wherever the property, KB Consultancy team is ready to propose a consultancy service. Besides having undertaken consultancy studies within 56 districts of Turkey, we have the capacity expertise and knowledge to work in each district of Turkey.

We are distinguished because…
  • We apply all of the rules which find acceptance in the international platform.
  • Quality rather than the quantity has priority.
  • We improve ourselves by continuous professional trainings.
  • With gradual controls we aim reports free of error.
  • Our unique data base being developed since 1994 comprises information about whole Turkey.
  • The brokerage and investment departments within the body of our firm share their market
    knowledge with us; however we do not compromise clients' confidentiality.
  • Our evaluation services are supported by professional indemnity insurance.
  • Our young and dynamic team members rapidly meet your requirements.
  • Our procedures which are based on 23 years experience increases the quality of our reports.
  • We act according to our "24 hour rule". For 24 hour rule please click here.